"A brand is a reason to choose." - Fred Burt

A-LINE works to help uncover the authentic, relevant story that is the cornerstone of your organization, business, product or service. In other words, we figure out what makes you you, and then translate that into images, colors and words that relate to your audiences.

Starting with a logo and then addressing all items that represent your company, a compelling brand creates a consistent image, and shares your story in a way that resonates with your customers and advocates. We don't wash our hands and walk away once we launch a new branding program. Instead, A-LINE recognizes that good brands have a long-lasting resonance with consumers. As such, we provide tools that continually monitor and assess the effectiveness of the brands that we create, helping us adapt as needed and always deliver fresh, appealing messaging to your audiences.


"A clear vision paired with effective branding and strategic marketing results in a small business making a big splash."

  • Brand Discovery

    Whether your organization has been around for 20 years, or if you’re just opening the doors, your brand might not be what you intended. An A-LINE Brand Discovery helps define the most important elements of your message, and determines if you’re successfully communicating your purpose, values and offerings.

  • Brand Creation

    Our branding process begins with your unique differentiators and then translates them into the basics: logo, type and color. Other collateral follow as needed, including website design, print design, marketing planning and implementation, social media messaging, content creation and more.

  • Rebranding

    Sometimes you realize that your brand has become irrelevant, outdated or bland. A-LINE’s re-branding services help determine what’s working with your current brand and what might need a refresh. Together, we’ll create a custom package of brand collateral that solves your current marketing dilemmas, as well as anticipates the future to ensure a lasting, relevant brand identity.

  • Partners for Active Living

    Partners for Active Living

    Partners for Active Living has been an impetus for change in Spartanburg by spearheading initiatives, events and programs that get community members moving. The group sorely needed an updated brand and website to reach the general public and donors alike. A new logo and color palette celebrates a modern and progressive organization while the updated website highlights events and news as well as seamlessly integrates online donations.

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  • Squeegee Clean

    Squeegee Clean

    Squeegee Clean is a Spartanburg, South Carolina-based, independently owned commercial window-cleaning company. The equipment and processes used by the crew are cutting edge, while the customer service remains rooted in tradition. Owner Michael Holmes worked with A-LINE to update the corporate brand to better reflect the company's services, local appeal and professional results.

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  • That Realty Group

    That Realty Group

    That Realty Group is Greenville, South Carolina’s newest choice for residential real estate, offering buyers an experienced team to help them find, finance and purchase the homes of their dreams.

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"Beyond developing a functional and attractive web site for our company, they have proactively created web based solutions that have effectively served our growing business."

Michael Holmes - Squeegee Clean

35% of consumers
strongly consider brand image as the
most influential factor when choosing loyalty.

What is your brand doing to maintain its best fans?

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