Greer CPW

Greer Commission of Public Works

A site rooted in service, growing in technology

Greer CPW serves one of the area’s fastest growing metro areas with all utilities – water, electricity and natural gas. Known for excellent customer service, the utility needed to translate its personable, in-person service to an online experience. Couple that with unprecedented growth in the commercial sector, so the new site also had to serve as a professional, in-depth resource for developers and commercial clients.

Thus, a website for Greer CPW had to organize tremendous amounts of information in an intuitive way while still lending a hometown, “how can I help?” feel.





Greer CPW’s new site shows that the organization is progressive with both its products and technology, but doesn’t look too “modern” so as to throw off an established customer base. In other words, it appeals to customers of all demographics, as well as to business owners and developers.



Our Solution

+ Website Design & Development
+ Content Creation, Organization & Editing
+ Copywriting
+ Interactive Marketing Strategy Recommendations 


A-LINE worked closely with GCPW staff to understand the needs of various audiences and identify where the website could effectively serve users online, reducing the need for phone service. We identified key audiences and created portals for each to enter and interact with the site as they needed. The result is an intuitive, organized website that performs a variety of important tasks, from simplifying the start of residential utility services to encouraging economic development.

"We were looking for a modernized, clean aesthetic and they delivered. We wanted a way for our customers to easily get where they needed to go, and the new site does that. Finally, we were looking for a very secure site that was still easy for my team to manage, and they gave us exactly what we asked for. I’d recommend A-LINE to anyone looking for a professional team and a reasonable price; you won’t find a better firm that exceeds those expectations."

-Matthew Brady


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