Animal Clinic of Woodruff

Animal Clinic of Woodruff

Savvy social media improves vet visits


Animal Clinic of Woodruff has been caring for pets in the Spartanburg, Roebuck, and Woodruff areas of South Carolina for more than 10 years. Last year, the practice turned to A-LINE for help reaching new customers and expanding the practice through an improved website and expanded social media presence.

A-LINE approached social media holistically and strategically, beginning with a website update and then using social media sites to support the site. So far, the efforts have paid off with increased website visitors, phone calls, and Facebook fans—all signs of a growing community eager to interact with the Clinic.


Our Solution

Per search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, A-LINE started by preparing a list of top keywords, and then we integrated these throughout the site. We also updated content on all landing pages to include keywords, meet length requirements, and better explain the practice’s offerings. This has resulted in higher search engine ranking, and better overall user experience.

A-LINE focused social media efforts on Google AdWords, AdWord Call Extensions, Facebook and Google+. Results from these efforts started out strong in the first quarter of their implementation:

  • AdWords resulted in 897 clicks, 31,000 impressions, and an average search ranking position of 2.2. Click-through rates were as high as 6.67%.
  • AdWord Call Extensions received 525 clicks, 12,000+ impressions, an average position of 1.9, and a click-through rate of 4.25%.
  • In three Facebook Like Campaigns, the Clinic gained 379 new likes for the page (a 21.5% increase over the previous quarter) and made posts that regularly received 150+ likes, 15+ comments, and over 100 clicks to the website.
  • Due to A-LINE’s work untangling multiple Google+/Google My Business profiles, when users search for the Clinic, a dedicated content box appears on the right side of search results. In a 90-day period, this box resulted in 159 clicks to the website, 37 clicks for driving directions and 81 phone calls.
  • The clinic started an Instagram account, which gathered 79 followers in its first three months.


Through a thoughtful and thorough approach to social media, Animal Clinic of Woodruff is now well positioned to increase its fans, grow its community, and ultimately increase its client roster. As the Clinic continues to implement A-LINE’s social media recommendations, it can expect further growth and a loyal online community of pet-loving followers.


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